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preps are popular snobs that have their own cliques. they have the lastests things such as sidekicks, iPhones, and blackberry phones. they shop at JUICY COUTURE, HOLLISTER, A&F, AERO..ETC. they mostly consist of cheerleaders. some may be smart.preps laugh a lot with friends, wanting other innocent students to get jealous of them.these preppy girls get up in the morning looking for the perfect outfit with their matching juicy couture purses, they also are the loudest in class, acting all smart and curious. they spend much time curling or fixing their hair. these girls often wear ugg boots and feel the best of the rest.
*preppies talking*

eden: OMG! i got the latest sidekick!
mckenna: i tried out for cheerleading!!
priscila: on the weekend, i went shopping and got all the latest things at Ed Hardy.

*hugs each other.*
*texts each other during classes*
by chabelita May 06, 2008

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