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Verb; 1. Hanging out, Chilling.

2. Being incredibly stupid; missing something obvious.

3. Being Foolish.

4. Messing around (with a member of the opposite sex).

5. The act of being cool.

6. The act of being janky.

7. Any other action, including, but not limited to, waiting, screaming, talking, reading, sleeping, whispering, flying, climbing, sitting, or balling.
1. I was dabblin the other day at Jeff's house.
2. Man, Margret was so dabblin for not knowing about Pandora.

3. Don't be dabblin- we can't buy cakes at Barnes and Noble.
4. Wow, Margret was dabblin with Donnie.

5. I am so dabblin for knowing Charlie.
6. Dang, you are dabblin- you were alone on a Friday night.
7. I was dabblin on the mountainside.
by cha1233333 June 28, 2009

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