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2 definitions by ch3353

A hoeslut is a combination between a hoe and a slut. And it's hella fun to say.
Whoa, you see that girlie over there?
Yeah, but that chick is such a HOESLUT!
by ch3353 December 10, 2006
Christmas+Hannukah+Kwanzaa+Winter Solstice+Ramadan

And then you add on "kah" for good measure. It's all the winter holidays in one! Go figure! But hey, why say "Chrismahanukwanzolstiramadanakah" when you can say Decemberween?
Person 1: Man, I'm so bummed out by the holidays.
Person 2: Why? Don't you love Christmas?
Person 1: I don't celebrate Christmas.
Person 2: Oh, well... happy Chrismahanukwanzolstiramadanakah!
Person 1: That was too long.
by ch3353 December 21, 2006