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noun – similar to a rorschach test, a niggerblot is an amorphous blood stain left on the sidewalk by a nigger's blood which no one cared to clean up after the police shot him

verb – when the police drive around looking for nigger's to shoot with a Drop Piece just so they can look for shapes in the pink mist or blood cloud, splatter and puddle for fun and shits and giggles. As a bonus they get plenty of time to photograph every angle of their work, and while doing that they also clean up any evidence linking them to the crime. Then the cops go find another nigger to pin it on: they rig the drop piece by jamming it to go off after its picked up, then they place it on the street in a high crime area and wait for someone to pick it up and have it go off in their hand. The cops immediately swoop in and arrest him or her for 1) illegal possession of a firearm 2) illegal discharge of a firearm 3) {fill in any bullshit story you want here}. Then they 'make the connection' and match the bullet from the shooting to the gun and then use the GSR (Gun Shot Residue) as evidence even though it was put there when the gun went off when the nigger picked it up.
"Yo, dat niggerblot look like 'n'elephant," says nigger 1
"Shit, nigga quit zoning, them cops gone niggablot yo ass if you don' split" says nigger 2
by ch1pnd413 September 04, 2012
: to go for the complete experience
: to do it right
: to analyze for a statistical derivative, looking for a quantity that is equal to or greater than one, that weighs the greatness of a set of awesome things against a set of totally lame things
: to increase the size of pop up porn ad to fill an entire computer screen

— max·i·mil·i·za·tion noun
:the process by which one maximilizes

— max·i·mil·i·zer noun
Miximilize it!
I rearranged the furniture to maximilize the space for my bitch's fat ass.
This program will teach you how to maximilize your strengths to a power level that’s OVER 9000!!!!
by ch1pnd413 September 13, 2012

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