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welcome to westchester.
it's a place where collars have no sense of gravity & pink is referred to as "nantucket red." it's a place where starbucks is a regular stop & NYU is the top choice for college. it's a place where the students at school drive nicer cars than the teachers & everyone winds up spending spring break in cape cod or the bahamas. it's a place where everyone belongs to a health club, beach club, golf club, or yacht club & they call it "the club." it's a place where people take longer to do their hair than their homework. it's a place when juicy couture sweat suits are considered "casual" & you wear more make-up than the models in the magazines. it's a place where tiffany's just can't restock fast enough. it's a place where weekly pedi/manis are a must. it's a place where saving money is a foreign concept, although you have a full bank account. It's a place where every teenage girl has a credit card and spend their daddy's money. It's a place where every has a BMW or range rover and get a new car every year. its' a place where the weak won't survive. <3
i'm a westchester girl!
by cew April 01, 2007
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