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when something or someone is dirty
1/ see that gal over there she a dutty mother f*cker!
2/ don't pick that up, it's dutty
#dirty #discusting #unclean #vile #narsty
by cerys anne April 19, 2006
a girl with child that hangs around the streets with greasy slicked back hair on the side with jeans tucked into their boots with a hoodie and hoop ear rings and about 50 rings on their fingers thinking they look hot 2 death and will f*ck anything with a d*ck
marc-"geez louise i can't believe shellys pregnant again man that's like the third now and she still in skool!"
leon-"naa thats the fourth she a dirty little hood rat, im'a go see if i can get some, inabit!"
#chav #townie #slag #pig in wig #bucket pussy
by cerys anne April 19, 2006
oh my gooooodddd, i can't believe it.
when something is unbelievable.
"i never was a cheerleader, and i didn't make the squad, but GEEZ LOUISE, im'a be america's next top model!"
#gosh #wow #lord #christ #jesus
by cerys anne April 19, 2006
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