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This refers to the sex scandal involving members of celtic boys club who are apart of celtic football club. Jock Stein knew about the child abuse going within the boys club, specifically youth coach Jim Torbett who raped players such as Alan Brazil. Jock Stein knew about this however he never went to the police, instead he covered the scandal up.
Person A: Big Jock Knew
Person B: He did the cunt
Person C: Oh big jock knew, oh big jock knew, oh big jock knew, oh big jock knew, oh big jock knew, oh big jock knew, oh big jock knew.
by celticbhoylover June 04, 2007
sweep sweep refers to celtic supporters sweeping all their troubles under the carpet. Whenever they are caught out doing something wrong (such as child molestation, covering up scandals, terrorist supporting and many others not to mention being a shite football team) they will just sweep it under the carpet. You can also check juan guy. This is the person they blame for everything if it cannot be swept under the carpet.
person a: did you hear about jim torbett?
celtic supporter: sweep sweep
person a: what the fuck does that mean
celtic supporter: dont know what your talking about
person a: what about that ira chanting
celtic supporter: that must of been juan guy
by celticbhoylover December 18, 2007
Juan guy is a character made up by nonce fc aka celtic football club.
Juan guy is a mysterious character who tends to have it out for celtic. Whenever you hear IRA chanting, read scandals of sexual abuse at celtic youth club, the guy that ran on the pitch or anything that the celtic support do negatively, it will no doubtedly be juan guy (according to the sweep sweep crew.
person a: what are you going to do about your support chanting pro ira slogans at the weekend match.
celtic chairman: must of been juan guy
person a: what about the guy that ran on the pitch
celtic chairman: juan guy
person a: what about that banner you took to easter road, which spelt Celtc who is responsible for that
celtic chairman: is that not how you spell it.
by celticbhoylover December 18, 2007
Bigoted, pro IRA, hate everything about the united kingdom however they use it to there advantage, and a lot of them actually live in the UK. Most of your celtic supporters rely on giro money and live in council housing. You will typically find a celtic supporter drinking a bottle of buckfast, passed out on the street, trying to stab someone and smashing bottles over peoples heads.
Celtic supporter 1: Gee us our giro money
Celtic supporter 2: gonna get some fucked
Celtic supporter 1: want some coke?
Celtic supporter 2: na just gee us some ecstasy
Celtic supporter 3: Fucking rangers, won 51 titles, were always playing catchup.
by celticbhoylover June 04, 2007

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