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2 definitions by celery_girl!!!

Comedy...retake(ish) on Dawn of the Dead (see what they did with the name!) about the guy from Spaced (good Brit Sit-com) who is a bit dumb and having a shitty time. breaks up with his girl and suddenly zombies take over england (see the 28 days later connection...cool huh!?)

so they go to the pub (with his flat mate, girl 2 friends and mum) and end up beating the pub owner do death with pokers to Queens 'Dont Stop Me Now'

VERY British (you probs wont get it is your American unless youre Brit-ified) and VERY funny.

also have they guy from Black Books
*hits zombie with car... screech to a halt*
Shaun: are you ok?
Zombie: *with broken leg* Uurgg starts to get back up*
Shaun: Oh good!
*drive off*
by celery_girl!!! October 19, 2004
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A clever mix of the words PORN and RIDICULOUS.

1)Used to describe ridiculous usage of porn

2)Used to describe anything ridiculous if the word ridiculous simply isn't funny/flamboyant/intelligent sounding enough
1)Britney Spears used to be an OK rolemodel...now she's just PORNICULOUS!

2)Your face is PORNICULOUS!
by celery_girl!!! March 29, 2005
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