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3 definitions by celebrity foreskin

a pop-punk band from canada. that's it. plain and...simple.

they're really nothing much to be wasting your time over if you don't fancy them.
(faggot) dude...simple plan fucking sux, dude...blah blah blah blah blah...

(me) dude..get a fucking life.
by celebrity foreskin February 11, 2005
350 381
dumb yellow bracelet that it's become a trend for everyone to wear, supporting some foundation founded by some bicyclist with one nut.

makes a great cockring.
everyone has one now...it's fucking insane.
by celebrity foreskin February 11, 2005
47 90
uhm...oh yes i did...
OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!

uhm...yes, i did! bitch!
by celebrity foreskin February 23, 2005
66 171