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Hmmmm rich jews.

Well, let's just say 99.99% of the Jews that live in metro areas in the US. not including recently immigrated Russian jews. without the Russian Jews, Jews on average would be loaded. which they already are, including Russian jews. so whatever.

Basically, most Jews are rich. so yeah. if you live in a city in the US and you're jewish odds are you are rich and vice versa.
Asians will be the rich jews of the next generation because of the overall work ethic.

....but yeah, these are just stereotypes i gues. even tho they're kinda true
by cc-er for lyfe living it up yo January 03, 2008
Basically, CT used to hang out on college confidential, but he stopped. and he trolls all the time on random "intellectual" message forums. And he's a genius. He's in 10th grade and he does vector calc. Umm.....yeah.
ChaosTheory is missing from the CC Cafe. Holy Paffle!
by cc-er for lyfe living it up yo January 03, 2008

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