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A term refering to a girls ass. Derived from black people speaking improper english and their African language roots. That's how they speak in Africa when refering to a girls ass. Also used by "sell-out" (fake) Country singers like Tracy Adkins who have no real southern roots or respect for (real) southern traditions. Tracy Adkins sings "Pop-Country" and not real country. He is a prime example of a difference between white trash and good white people.
Black guy 1: Yo dawg look at dat hoe!
Black guy 2: jYeah booyyy she got dat Badonkadonk!
Spear-chucker: Wi chu too! Booga Booga. (proceeds to make ape noises after.)
Ubangi : Booga booga. Badonkadonk. Make'm say Uhhhm.
by cbgm October 12, 2006
1. An elite branch of the U.S. Military that is supposedly bad ass, but it really depends on what unit you're with now. And depending what unit you're with the Marine Corps will FUCK YOU OVER if they feel the need or want to. Their Sales Representative called a Recruiter will lie to you about almost anything to get you to join.
1. Man the Marine Corps is trying to Fuck me over by not letting me take leave, wtf?

2. The Marine Corps Recruiter lied to me when he told me I could go home whenever I wanted as long as I chose the east coast, hmmm what bullshit.

3. The Marine Corps is using the big green weenie to fuck PFC Idontknow over for just drinking under age. That's fucked up ecspecially considering the Recruiter said that your "fellow" Marines did not care and you could trust them. Yeah right...Bullshit!
by cbgm September 14, 2006
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