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Creative and skillful maneuvers used to escape, either from someone chasing or stalking you, or from an awkward social situation.
The cops were onto me after I held up that convenience store, but I pulled jackmoves on them and got away.
by cazort August 27, 2003
adj. Fantastic and wonderful. Much stronger than either word, only used in extreme situations, for great emphasis.
That's absolutely wondertastic!
by cazort November 04, 2004
The sound of police sirens.
Do you hear hogsounds?
by cazort August 25, 2003
The supermarket chain that calls itself "Giant Eagle".
I won't shop at Giant Evil because their produce is not fresh and their dairy goods are highly overpriced.
by cazort August 27, 2003
The best card in the deck. He is eating a popsicle.
But then he played the jackofspades.
by cazort November 12, 2003
A person that mechanically creates pigs, usually out of iron.
Our town has one of the best pigsmiths in all of Connecticut.
by cazort August 25, 2003
Men who hunt, or are hunting.
We saw a bunch of huntingmen in the woods the other day.
by cazort November 12, 2003

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