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59 definitions by cazort

Derogatory form of Taco Bell. Refers to the fact that the company uses low-quality ingredients and has been found using non-food-grade, genetically-engineered corn in its tortillas.
Look, a taco hell! I'm glad I'm not eating there...
by cazort August 27, 2003
A phrase made up by Dubya, used to refer to Iraq. From context, it apparently has a positive connotation, but is distinct in meaning from "secure". Most likely means something to the effect of "peaceful and free".
A peeance freeance secure Iraq in the midst of the Middle East will have enormous historical impact.
by cazort May 20, 2006
The state of being wack. A measure of the degree to which someone or something is wack. Alternatively, an exclamation indicating a high degree of wackness in the general surroundings.
I sense wackness emanating from these emcees.
by cazort October 14, 2004
Ailanthus Altissima, a tree that is commonly found growing in abandoned lots and around poorly-maintained properties. When young, looks somewhat like a palm tree, with a long trunk with a tuft of leaves at the top.
A grove of ghetto palms were growing out of the cracks in the asphalt around the old parking lot.
by cazort August 27, 2003
A fairly common jazz chord that happens to be pronounced similarly to the familiar religious figure, Jesus.
Is that a G-sus chord in the third bar?
by cazort September 15, 2003
(n) - One who detracts from the legitimate success of others, or disrespects others and their ideas due to ignorance, envy, jealousy or too much free time.
Don't be a playerhater.
by cazort November 20, 2003
A medium bird, often hunted for sport, and sometimes used for meat or eggs. Old world quails are in the Pheasant family; new world quails like the bobwhite or California quail are in a distinct family.
Look, a quail! I want to shoot someone in the face! Oh wait, I'm not Dick Cheney.
by cazort October 08, 2006