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adj., belligerently drunk. Coined in this context at the University of Illinois in 2002.
Man, we got irresponsible last night.

"I plan on being irresponsible by about 10:30 this evening."
by Caz July 25, 2004
commanly known as dumbfuck. The word that is known throughout the ned lanuage ( where i come from anyway).
" You've chibbed him in the wrong place! Dobber! "
by caz October 12, 2003
A scottish guy with brown hair, blue eyes that drives a VW Golf called Alex. Also known as bampot or Toaley head and calls his chicks 'Moistie'. ........hmmmn nice!
"Come here and look at this wonderful vista Cheucter, but first let me pop some garlic in me gob first before I snog ya!"
by caz November 17, 2003
a psyko JAFA, rumoured to know half of Auckland but is often elusive and hard to find... unless of course...

you know the right people!!
by caz March 25, 2003
Someone Fae Edinburgh
Ryans a Pure Chookter!
by Caz April 20, 2004
A fierce looking scottish guy called Alex.
"Och aye ya wee toaley-headed bampot ye, ..... och!"
by caz November 18, 2003
A nickname for a person (usually a girl) who exhibits no class (hence, Summer School).
"LaTiqua stole my boyfriend -- that's like school in summertime."

Or if someone is talking or acting trashy, say "Whatever you say, summer school."
by Caz July 25, 2004

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