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The Destroyer, The Ugly One, That Bloke, Nukezone Admin.
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by Caz February 04, 2004
To masturbe to pictures, fantasies, or just simply ideas of a prostitute.
He prostibated after seeing a hot whore while driving home.
by caz March 18, 2003
A slutty whore who'll sleep with you anyway if it turns out you have no money.
The slore is out having sex with everyone; even Enron.
by caz March 18, 2003
Originated in Champaign Illinois at a bar called the Highdive. Bartender, Matt Graham (a.k.a. Grizzo), referred to Rumpleminze as "Rumple Dumple", coining the term.
Hows come every time every time we get off work, you have to act the fool talkin' bout lets do shots of rumple dumple.
by Caz July 25, 2004
A silly bitch that lives in a trailer & drives a $200 car and thinks she is the shit. But when you break it down,that Ho lives in a tin can driving a 1986 chevette on fake ass dubs !
That my friends is a Tranksta !
you might be a transksta if your house has better wheels than your car.
by Caz December 09, 2003
Pontius Pilate... Somebody who allows something to happen that they could have prevented. Then they reap the benefits.

Somebody who defers responsibility for actions to somebody else and then reaps the benefits. Read the example, it makes more sense.
A: "So-and-so is going to get fired unless you say something!"
B: "That's not my responsibility"
A: "Good attitude, Pontius."
by Caz July 25, 2004
when a guy gets so horny when he's about to have sex and cums before it even starts
He got cock shock from her undressing.
by caz March 18, 2003
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