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3 definitions by caucasian jack

1.) The combination of "for" and "real" mainly by black people who are too tanked up on fried chicken and Shiltz's Malt Liqour to realize it should be pronounced as two seperate words.
Yo, Shaniqua ain't freal, she is one wack nignog.
by caucasian jack June 20, 2003
83 61
1.) Slang word for a woman's yeast infected hatchet wound.
So I heard you got some stanky on your hang-down.
by caucasian jack June 20, 2003
69 70
adj. 1) Something that kicks complete ass, better than having sex with your friend's busty skinny blonde sister that wears hot thong underwear that you can sneak a peek at when she bends over.
Yo, Matt, nailing your hot sister was wick, ahahaha.
by caucasian jack June 20, 2003
40 45