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Most def the coolest thing you will ever lay eyes on. Anyone who plays one is immediatly considered cool and bang-able. And yes, drummer do enjoy smashing their drumsticks into things.
"Yea man, that drummer was so cool, Pamela Anderson gave him a bj. His name was Tommy Lee and his drum set banged."
#sexy #cool #smooth #sexxy #extremely sexxxxy #undeniably sexxy #unbearably sexxy
by catspajamas [ecb] June 16, 2008
A well-known song, created by well-known artist/basketballer/actor/soccer coach/love guru Will Ferrell in the slap stick comedy, Semi-Pro. The song is used to seduce women using smooth rhythms and super froody harmonics to ensnare the mind. The song, originally written by Jackie Moon's (Will Ferrell)Mother, was stolen by Jackie after his mother died. This song is best sounding while making boom boom bang bang with your sex partner.
"As soon as i turned on Love Me Sexy, her clothes seemed to melt off and she was on the floor just waiting for me to give her the Arabian Death Mask."
#will #ferrell #song #is #really #amazingly #sexy #incredibly
by catspajamas [ecb] June 16, 2008
People who spend most of their time online visiting sites such as Youtube and Myspace, who cant take a joke. Often seen saying videos suck ass when the videos are meant to be stupid and pointless. Another favorite phrase is, "Wow this video just wasted x amount of seconds of my life." These people are usually faggots and have no life of their own what-so-ever. Needs a good kick in the pants.
person one: "The frung just said our video was stupid and wasted his life."

person two: "lets find him and kick his ass"

person one: "yeaaaaaa"
#the #stupidest #and #most #retardedpeople #intheworld
by catspajamas [ecb] June 17, 2008
The sexual act of placing your hairy sperm filled testicles onto and into someones hair. The only catch is, the testes must be properly sweaty or the hair do will not stick up like you wanted it to.
I gave him a Mohawk using my knowledge of the Arabian Hair Do.
#place #balls #into #hair #andhave #fun
by catspajamas [ecb] June 17, 2008
A smell given off by a particulary crappy and ugly drummer. Smells of roadkill, skidmarks, and hippies. Also faintly smells of cyanide. The smell cannot be stopped. The best course of action in this situation is to shag-ass outta where-ever the drummer is located. Drum Funk is also when a drummer is sucking of titanic proportions.
"The dudes drum funk was so bad, i had to dip away to keep from fainting!"
#crappy #drummer #smells #terribly #terrible
by catspajamas [ecb] June 17, 2008
A woman, most likely old and wrinkly, somewhat resembling a raisin, who is under the impression that they can still "work-it". Dresses as if New York City Hooker. Sometimes is seen with a walker. If you are ever asked to "get jiggy" with one, take her purse and sprint quickly to the nearest Starbucks. Hopefully, they wont have enough speed to catch you, and a Starbucks to an old lady is like a physical to a 50+ man. Very, very uncomfortable and a touch to high tech. Stay away from Jerry Springer shows. These attract hoochie mamma's like moths to a flame.
"Shit dude, the hoochie mamma is eyeing me. We gotta dip mane!! heard for nearest Starbucks. The wi-fi creeps them out."
#raisen #dried apricot #scabby #somewhat stinky #nasty #oldy von moldy
by catspajamas [ecb] June 16, 2008
An old man or woman from the 60's. Enjoys smoking pot and wearing odd multi-color t-shirts. Insists that world peace can be achieved, when it is such a far-fetched and unattainable dream. In other words, a fucking moron.
"Damn Harvey, look at that group of hippies over there. Their dropping their marijuana on the crops. Wanna run them over with the truck?"

"The group of hippies protesting in Washington D.C. had on so many tye-die t-shirts, the general populace was immediately blinded when looking at them."
#pot #hemp #marijuana #freak #moron #asshat #gay
by catspajamas [ecb] June 16, 2008
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