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2 definitions by catsofamerica!!!!lalala

Acronym for Stop Being A Bitch. Usually used when a person is annoying, obnoxious, whiny, bratty, and bitchy.
Jon: "Sorry, the car broke down. We'll have to walk to the movie theater."

Lisa: "Oh My God! I can't take anymore of your stupid car! Go fix, sell it, or do something if you ever want to tap this ass again!"

Jon: " STFU Lisa! SBAB! By the way you're ugly!"
by catsofamerica!!!!lalala July 27, 2011
When you know you will be fucked up in a situation before it even happens.
Ted: "Dude, my car's starting to feel wobbly... What if it breaks down?"
Carlos: "Nice, man. You're befucked."
by catsofamerica!!!!lalala April 22, 2011