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Like "pillow talk", except you are NOT getting laid, no matter what. It's a faked intimate conversation between a cashier and the customer, even though the cashier could really care less about you or what's going on in your life. It's just a way to make the customer feel important and spend more money.
Cashier: So, are you spending the holidays at home with a girlfriend, or are you just going to relatives?

Customer: thinking she's coming on to him. No, I'm not married, but I'll be staying at home.

Friend later on: Dude, she's not interested, she was just using some cashier talk to get you to buy that stuff.
by catsarecool383 December 24, 2010
The state of knowing nothing.

The only knowledge one has amassed is what's been learned through the TV.
Tom thinks he's smart, but he only has couch knowledge.
by catsarecool383 December 17, 2010

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