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a cat is so much better than a dog
: they sleep a lot
: don't need a lot of food
: there cuddly
: they stay tiny forever
: everybody agree's that www.icanhazcheezburger.com iz soo much better than www.icanhazhotdog.com
: they don't bark
: there smart
: dog's drool, cats don't
: you don't need to take a cat for a walk
: dogs like there butt then lick your face, cat's don't
: cats are more elegant
: cats don't break orniments when they jump up
: cats clean themselfs
: cats don't wreck your house
: you can leave a cat alone for hours without it getting needy
: cats lie on your feet at night without breaking your bones

: cats make you laugh
: cats breath doesn't stink!
: you don't need to groom a cat as much

: they are the uk's most popular pet
: dogs dig holes
: dogs attack children and cats don't
: cats use a litter box, dogs drag you outside
: cat's always land on there feet
: no one has a ''beware of the cat sign''
: garfield beats odie all the time
: cats are independant
: you don't need a ''cat sitter''
: cats don't need a haircut (at least shorthaired)
: cats are more relaxed
: cats aren't as demanding
: cats don't eat there food too fast
: according to the american humane society cats reduce your blood pressure
: when you are lonley or upset they come up to you and give you a hug
: most bad guys are portrayed as having big fluffy white cats :)
: scooby doo sucks!
thats about all the reasons i can think of (right now at least)
smart cat = (slaps dog)

dog= (bewildered look on face) woof

smart cat = haha stupid dog, you are to silly to learn english

cats 1 dogs 0
by catlover101 June 30, 2009

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