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57 definitions by catfight12

What happens to your ass after a hot, rough night of anal lovin'
gavin's 8-incher left cliff with a deviated rectum that now needs some repairin'
by catfight12 January 09, 2009
What a gay man calls his gay lover in his 'subtle' way of coming out to his already 'suspicious' straight friends. "Room mate" is also used sometimes.
Not sure if my friend & neighbor Sean is gay but some mornings I see him & his "gym buddy" Fred walking around the house in matching monogrammed robes..
by catfight12 January 09, 2009
Pun on "a fair-weather friend" (which is a friend one could only depend on in good times). A friend you only see during affairs (social functions, parties). Not really someone you can rely on.
i don't need another affair weather friend. i want someone who i could sit down & have coffee with, someone who will be there for me when times are tough..
by catfight12 January 09, 2009
When an urbanetizen (see urbanetizens) uses Urban Dictionary as a venue for writing good things about oneself/one's girlfriend/boyfriend/friend
Seriously, what's the point in shameless self promotion? I'd rather see words others can relate to. Urban Dictionary isn't your school bathroom wall..
by catfight12 January 08, 2009
Urbandictionary.com's "trigger-happy" Editors that click Don't Publish even if the entry is publishable, well-written Urbandictionary.com material that abides by the site's rules. Just an FYI, I don't do that.
WTF?!? I took 30 minutes rephrasing & perfecting my entry & those urbandictators chose not to publish it?? Gah, they're at it again..
by catfight12 January 08, 2009
The Chinese celebration of Christmas. Has nothing to do with the celebration of the birth of Jesus (OR the 'idea' of it), but rather, seen as a great way for greedy Chinese sellers to generate more revenue.
Ah, it's Chinkmas time once more in Atheist China
by catfight12 January 04, 2009
A person that succeeds in 'climbing' from a lower social class to a higher one, by way of marriage
After Suzy had become a successful climber, she refused to eat at Red Lobster & Olive Garden
by catfight12 January 12, 2009