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57 definitions by catfight12

An expression based on the expression "that ship has sailed," which is when an opportunity has passed you by. One uses "that ship is in my harbor" when one manages to grab the opportunity.
Friend 1: Do you think Matt hooked up with that girl last night?
Friend 2: I don't think so. Anyway, that ship has sailed..
Matt: (eavesdropping..comes in wearing leopard print robe) Nope. That ship is in my harbor.
by catfight12 January 05, 2009
Fellatio given by...who else! Bella Swan
ohhh MAN, i've dreamed about getting a Bellatio every day since watching Twilight
by catfight12 January 11, 2009
The button we click when a person submits an urban dictionary definition of his/her name as a way of telling his/her 2 homies that read urban dictionary how "awesome", "cool", or any other positive adjective s/he is.
We click Don't Publish to save you from the embarrassment of telling others how 'awesome' you think you are.
by catfight12 January 09, 2009
bit of space treated as a whiteboard (but often, a permanent marker like Sharpie is used) to write about how they feel about someone, or to announce or advertise something
"for the biggest jugs in dallas, dial (555) 98-99-100!! p.s. mandy has crabs" was what samantha wrote on the bathroom wall
by catfight12 January 08, 2009
A scream/cheer for when a "big-boned"/fat girl in a movie/TV series gets with a hot guy & is not even treated as "big-boned/fat"
"One for the big girls!" was what Bertha screamed as she watched Dr. Callie Torres get it on with McSteamy in Grey's Anatomy
by catfight12 January 12, 2009
A type of freeloader that is "friendly" because s/he's using you for money/help/maybe even sex
- i'm sick of that fucker robb, has anyone noticed that when the bill comes he takes at least 3 minutes to take a dollar out of his wallet?
- he's user friendly. he's always hoping our change will cover his bill.
by catfight12 January 11, 2009
When people use the term "l337" so much it's retarded
Guy 1: Dude, I was at the supermarket & found this bottle of detergent for like $1.29. How l337 is that??
Guy 2: Yeah totally I was driving & I saw this squirrel run up a tree.. l337 stuff.
Guy 3: More like...l337arded.
by catfight12 January 11, 2009