3 definitions by caterthegator

someone who designs another person's myspace, sometimes for monetary benefit. very skilled with html and has a lot of extra time
person one: i dont really like my myspace...
person two: you could always get a myspace bitch
by caterthegator April 15, 2006
sound it out... db8=debate. as in to argue or disagree upon a point.
Our Debate team sweatshirts say "db8 or d13"
by caterthegator April 12, 2006
A group of mischevious kids who enjoy random acts of forking yards. They write two words, one starting with "S" and the other with "P", creating the SP Bandits or SPB.
Oh man, the SPB got my house last night. My dad was so mad, he made me clean up all the forks.
by caterthegator March 17, 2006

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