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the means of waking up the next day after a long night of drinking with a bloody wound somewhere on your body.
this sucks. i got a stupid alcohol clot again from drinking last night. phyuckk..
by catandthehat February 27, 2010
the act of being blacked out drunk on prom and you can't get your suspenders off and poop your pants while your in the bathroom. Resulting in you waking up in a grassy yard outside with the owner of the house.
"dude you were so blacked out last night you promecated"

"fuck my life, i shit myself on prom"
by catandthehat February 26, 2010
the occurrence of losing your balance or having poor drinking form during a party. Causing you to spill alcohol of any sort on yourself. Then waking up the next day with stains on your shirt.
awwhhh shucks. i got party resedo all over me again from those wine coolers. now i gotta change my shirt so my parents won't catch me.
by catandthehat February 26, 2010
a drunken sensation that only happens late at night. where a group of people free run through a city. getting close to moving trains, cars or statues.
"i'm so drunk! lets go avataring till 6 in the morning"
by catandthehat February 27, 2010

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