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When either: a) kids drink baby shots (usually half filled of less), and choose "tipsy" labeled shot glasses when given many other options
b) kids get a rash on their chest from not being able to handle the greatness of hard liquor (specifically rubinoff)
c) kids who play dizy bat and don't finish their beers and end up letting half the foam drip out of the end of the bat after they "chug"
Chris: "Hey don, that kid over there is a pussy faggot dick licker. He pours shots like a woman"
Nick: "Hey Chris, this pussy faggot dick licker is getting a rash after three shots"
Don: "Hey nick, who is that pussy faggot dick licker wasting beers, emptying the dizy-bat for no reason?"
by cashflowmofo October 06, 2011

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