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rapemeat means a girl who is so lustfully attractive that men only look at her unwillingly to fuck . she is so hot even if they not rapists they will be converted to one very soon, if she is about. not any man on the face of the planet would ask her out she is just a girl that would end up getting raped due to her skanky clothes and her lustful appeal.
did you see that jailbait girl nicky too bad cause she is jailbait rapemeat.
by cash james July 29, 2010
it's wear a white girl usually blonde is liked by the black race and she is also attracted to them. wear she appears to only date black people or at least mostly. and you can tell the type of blonde girls that do this by just looking at them. they appear to be late teens early twentys who appear to use big sarcastic words of dissing people and pretending to be polite or just in the closet bitches who appear to be nice innocent and the oppasite of this to peers. and only swear if you winded them up to the fullest extent or in a serious matter where they reveal there true idenity. they usually have names along the lines of emily nicky megan chris chrissie or christina etc they is others. they tend to get jobs such as paramedic or in the police force to look like they doing a good deed or the even the typical modelling as probably the ideal job of what they wanted when they was young.
person 1 did you see that girl chrissie she is wog meat. person 2 i know total slut
by cash james July 29, 2010
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