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1. A homosexual male, who likes to take it in the anus. See boundy.

2. A homosexual male's anus.
Boundy is a penis holster, he stole my money!
I stuck my dick in Frank's loose penis holster last night.
by cash August 03, 2004
A Phantasic Orgasm

This word is used in explaining the best orgasm you have ever had.
He was so good, I've never has such a phantasm
by Cash November 13, 2004
The Illest crew in NYC during the mid 90`s. Known to "hand" in the west village. They held other grafitti crews in a vice grip of fear for many years
by Cash September 17, 2003
A dogger is a person who engages in the act of dogging. Dogging is a British English slang term for a person who engages in public sexual acts, including watching others.
My girlfriend and I are doggers - we love the idea that we could be caught!
by Cash July 27, 2011
n: An individual that often attempts to reach enlightment through the sexual offering of one's body. Though often failing miserably.
Damn rajan, trying to be a slut again.
by cash February 24, 2005

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