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Any white native or longtime resident of The Bahamas. Also, a Bahamian cocktail similar to a White Russian, with coconut rum being substituted for vodka.
These Conky (Conchy) Joes are trying to keep the black man down, here in these Bahamian islands.
by carydog January 23, 2009
A person who excels at pimping himself; an expert at finding ways to get others to pay him money for his services. Also, someone with the uncanny ability to turn any situation into an opportunity to sell himself.
After Michael Jackson died, Joe Jackson proved how much of an autopimp he is by signing up for a reality series.
by carydog August 24, 2009
A type of incense, the smell of which, when lit, causes a womans asshole to open up slightly, thus making it easier to sodomize her.
My girlfriend was afraid to try anal sex, so I lit some Anal Invitation and her asshole opened up and invited me in for a world of anal delights.
by carydog February 18, 2009
1.The realization by a woman that she is, in fact, a whore; 2.The realization by a woman that she has just been treated like a whore.
A woman performs sexual favors for a man fully expecting reciprocation, either by assumption or a promise by the man; when she is done and he is satisfied, she is fully and completely dismissed by him and asked to leave. She has been figuratively slapped in the face with the realization that she is a whore; this woman has just been whoreslapped.
by carydog July 14, 2008

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