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2 definitions by cartoonssuckbringontheanime987

A video game that used to have some awesome graphics, but has always had the worst gameplay ever. At this point, the graphics are pretty obsolete compared to the powers of Frostbite 2, Unreal engine 3, and Cryengine 3. Developer God has not released any info of a new Real Life with up to date graphics, and decent gameplay. Possibly the most expensive game ever because you will find yourself spending millions every year just to keep playing. Complete waste of money. I suggest you turn your attention to Skyrim, Crysis, Halo, and really anything that has been made with at least Frostbite 1 looking graphics.
I just spent OVER 9000 dollars to keep my crappy 2 story house which I barely make in a month. It took me 21 years to get my hands on a firearm, which was not allowed to be used anyways. Real Life sucked, going back to Skyrim.
by cartoonssuckbringontheanime987 January 13, 2013
1) A circular ring above the heads of the deceased.
2) A game series made by Bungie exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox, and Xbox 360. If you own either console, but don't have a Halo game for it, there is something very wrong. One or the best games for the Xbox, often the Xbox "poster game" if you will.
1) Goku has had and lost so many halo's I lost count.

2) Halo 3 is still my favorite xbox game. Even after halo 4 came out. Halo 3 is that good.
by cartoonssuckbringontheanime987 January 12, 2013