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4 definitions by cartoonmayhem

A really dumb redneck, country bumpkin
Larry The Cable Guy ain't nothin' but a knuckledragger
by cartoonmayhem August 22, 2006
106 73
An obnoxiously overprotective mother

A desperately codependent mother who tries to tie her kids to her apron strings no matter what their ages.
I am 16 years old but I'm not allowed to date because of my hover mother.

I can't come to the concert because of my hover mother
by cartoonmayhem June 26, 2007
38 20
Noun: the last little bit of the liquid in a {beer} bottle. The last warm bit. Very unpleasant tasting and foamy, hence the name.
Thanks so much for giving me the spit hit. Next time can you give me a beer that's just been opened?
by cartoonmayhem April 16, 2006
7 1
To completely annihilate someone in a fight.
Yeah, he tried to fight me but I rat bagged his ass.

That party crasher got really obnoxious, so we all rat bagged him.
by cartoonmayhem May 27, 2007
6 23