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In South Park the amount of time it takes something tragic to become funny again, like AIDS.
Why did the chicken cross the road? because it has AIDS. hahahaha
by Cartman January 07, 2005
A insanely funny show consiting of 3 characters: Frylock Meatwad and one of the best, coolest and funniest characters every created Master shake.
master shake always insults meatwad
by cartman January 01, 2004
to screw up
holy fuque shes fuqueing ugly
by cartman June 08, 2003
leet for fag
you F46
by Cartman August 02, 2003
An older Africian-American person who resembles the father (pop) of Chef, the Southpark character. This person cannot correctly pronounce certain words due to a poor education.
That guy is just like chefspop. He says 'tree fidy' when he means 'three fifty'
by Cartman August 12, 2003
The term used when your friend or someone you know is a pussy whipped faggot and u need to let them know it!
Riley:I love you Marin. Nick:Whoopah! Josh:I love you Leanne. Me:Whoopah!
by Cartman February 11, 2004
When someone denies that they are Jewish but they engaged in daily activities that clearly lets everyone know that they are a Jew.
Brian is in such Jewnial. He tells me hes not Jewish yet the other day I caught him walking down the street looking for discarded pennies and crying while reading Anne Frank.
by CARTMAN November 12, 2014

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