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2 definitions by carterX

The dry flaky skin that amasses underneath a Van Dyke or a Goatee on a man's face.
"Gee, Lando what is all that smegma falling from your Van Dyke?"
"Oh, thats my chin bits."

"Wow Dustin, could you stop scratching your face cuz your getting chin bits all over the axis and allies board."
by carterX January 28, 2008
Larger than chin bits and more flaky, usually in fewer numbers. Found on a gamer's "board and/or role playing" physical person. Not related to a medical condition of the skin. Usually occurring during long periods of soda drinking, chip eatings, staying up all night playing games of nerd persuasion.
"Gee, John, is that another Orc monster you're putting into play on the board, or one hella nasty skin flints, cuz you a scratching yo arm pretty hard...dust was flying off. "
by carterX January 28, 2008