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A nice little country sitting next to France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Norway! the people here are quite normal and do not speak all posh like in american films ,nor do they sit around all day drinking tea and eating scones! we do sometimes like a bit of tea and cake, but we also love the fizzy stuff and ice-cream.

We are not that obsessed with football, some of us would rather do cartwheels down hills or watch an awsome tv programe like Doctor who, Lost, Heroes, the X-Factor, Eastenders, My Family or something depressing and worring like Panorama. sometimes Americans decide to copy Brit TV programes which is annoying, but we do love some American tv shows!

We have also produced some wicked Authors: Jk Rowling -Harry potter, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens or Shakespeare! there are also some cool musicans and stuff, Queen, Leona Lewis, The Beatles, The Who and a load of other cool people! we have plenty of awsome actors too! we also gave the world: King Arthur, the knights of the round table and Merlin. we have a lot of history!

most of us have no idea why some people, ehem, AMERICANS, have taken a strong dislike to the English,(probably just jealous of our unpredictable weather) which is silly since some of us have never met an american and most have never offended one.

we are nice. ignore the government and all that. they annoy us too. we hate homework, animal cruelty, maths, double maths, spiders, peas and Twilight. Well I do anyway!
England is full of people. 6 million roughly.

England has a silly sense of humour

England is over there.
by carrotqawfjmnbvdsa\ertuyikjmnb January 11, 2010
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