33 definitions by carrie

hey bitch
hey bia
by carrie October 14, 2003
Bloody Orange Nugget - Curse
"Oi, you bon"
by Carrie May 14, 2004
Slang; freezing, cold
It's like 40 degrees out here, I'm completely fronin!
by Carrie February 24, 2005
slang for da chica, girly girl...if mang is a man, then NOT-A-mang is a girl
"Yo, notamang, wassup, foo?
by carrie April 17, 2003
Slang, blanket, blankie
It's fronin in here, I need a blaney!
by Carrie February 24, 2005
Small obnoxious creature who feeds off toe scum.
Dwyn eats toe scum
by Carrie June 19, 2004
noun; from the latin monstorious; my little black cat Beans
"Damn it Beans, stop biting me! You're a monster!"
by carrie July 26, 2004

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