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rocker from the late 80's/early 90's, who fronted one of the most controversal rock&roll bands, guns n' roses.
is known best for his ego & disrespect for fans.
by Carrie October 02, 2003
Phrase for homosexual, commonly used in playground antics to trick others into calling themselves gay, as illustrated below.
"Did you see that film last night Gaylords Say No?"


"Well, that means you're a gaylord."
by Carrie March 26, 2005
figuritive beverage of one who enjoys hating on other people
After Whitney mocked my rapping skills, I suggested she go take a sip of some haterade.
by Carrie January 28, 2003
Beautiful and Fabulous, rolled into one; something absolutley glamorous.
Pink tropical scented bugspray, how beautyous!!
by Carrie August 09, 2005
1.A man's boob. 2. A man who is behaving like a boob 3. A name for a Palestinian guy I met once.
1. Check it out, that guy has total mahoobs. 2. I hate it when you wear those pink pants, you look like such a mahoob! 3. Hi, Mr. Pajwani, nice to meet you. Mind if I call you Mahoob?
by Carrie January 03, 2005
The hottest asian kid i've ever met
" Yo did ya'll check out that Thai Pham that walked by "
by Carrie November 02, 2003
Bitchy, fat, wanna be prep
why is Curra a bitch?
by Carrie December 15, 2003

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