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having alot of money. Usually used by rappers, ballers, or jamaicans to refer to their money, someones elses money. It can also be substituted with the phrase "lots of money"
Rapper:"Yo man, i be spending massive bucks on new beats."

Baller:"Yo shorty come over here. I got massive bucks."

Jamaincan:"Dat boy got massive bucks. eh eh."
by carrib July 13, 2005
A big clomp of blood when a woman has her period. Usually, the blood flows out, but every once and a while, a huge piece of blood comes out, sort of like a clump of jelly.
Angry white boy: Hey, your a stupid nigger!
Black guy: Yeah, well at least I dont eat my moms gyganorfs.
by carrib May 26, 2005

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