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You can call me 'the shit', or you can just call me the #1 stunna.
by Carpet Cancer March 12, 2008
vb: A term used in reference to a man acting in the same fashion that a woman would, as opposed to choppin wood. More often used when the recipient is fucking up terribly.
Yo nig, you got some crack crumbs in yo beard and is scarin all the ladies away!! Da fuck, you washin dishes or are you choppin wood?!!
by carpet cancer September 15, 2007
adj. Describes a situation in which one's bones are of high sustainability. Able to withstand the opposition of sticks and stones with the greatest degree of efficiency beyond epic proportions. Occurs at the most explosive rate while choppin wood during a barrage of comments flung from someone who is washin dishes bluffing to cut a donkey. A #1 stunna is commonly refered to as being the calciumiest in most areas of his habitat.
I am the calciumiest when roamin the streets. If I forget my golds, then Lil' Twim is calciumiest.
by Carpet Cancer March 12, 2008
vb: generally refers to a man who is handling his game with great success. Also refers to the extreme swooning of females. Being a man. Not washin dishes.
I know nigga was choppin wood cuz he was like a #1 stunna with them ladies, yo!!
by carpet cancer September 15, 2007

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