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1) A girl who is interested in things considered geeky or nerdy by mainstream society.

2) Usually refers to girls who are interested in computers, and technology in general, can also be used for girls who do things not considered "cool" by everyone else.

3) A compliment to girls who are proud to be geeks.
Person 1: What's up with that chick sitting on the floor with the computer?
Person 2: Oh, that's our resident geek girl.

Person 1: Well, we've got jocks, preps, nerds, burnouts, and a few geek girls hanging out in the library.
by CarolynxRiot February 05, 2009
1) Something epically disgusting.
"So I heard Carla's brother is in jail. Hope he knows not to bend over in the shower..."
"Dude, that's rank in the bank."
by CarolynxRiot December 16, 2008
MIS's resident geek chick. Creator of the Geek Squad at MIS, can usually be found roaming the hallways during class time, or at the IT desk. Is a g-town lifer and co-created the term rank in the bank with maggie. Starts mini food-fights in the cafeteria, and teachers despise her for sarcastic comments constantly made during class. Overuses the term epic and listens to music waaaaaay too loud.
1) aly: so what'd you do in break today?
carolynxriot: ripped apart an iPod mini and put it back together...
aly: why?
carolynxriot: i was epically bored.

2) magz: did you see our word put up on urbandictionary?
carolynxriot: FTW! rank in the bank is up! awesome!
by carolynxriot January 28, 2009
1) A group of geeks that think they are cool, generally referring to those of the computer variety.
2) A certain group from MIS that hangs out at the IT desk all day and is harassed constantly into fixing people's ridiculous computer problems.
"Fuck, my computer's buggin' out again."
"Carolyn's on the Geek Squad, go ask her. She can fix it."
"Since when's the Geek Squad got a chick?!"

by CarolynxRiot December 17, 2008
The coolest city in Germany. People from g-town are absolutely fucking awesome, and refer to themselves as g-town homies, or, if they've been in G-town for much of their lives, g-town lifers Home of GAS, the term rank in the bank and birthplace of the Muffin Man Mafia.
1) Guy: "So what do you wanna do this weekend?"
Girl: "I hear there's a grill fest in G-town."
Guy2: "Fuck yeah, let's hit it up!"

2) Boy: "I live in Munich."
Girl: "Hahaha, loser. I live in G-town! Woot Woot!"
by CarolynxRiot January 27, 2009
Another term for the all-powerful Bailey's Irish Cream. Best drink EVER!
Girl 1: So, what'd you do after I left the party last night?
Girl 2: Drank waaay too much Irish Cream, and ended up doing some random guy in a bathroom.
by CarolynxRiot July 01, 2009
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