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queers who have normal lives but they think their life is the worst. They live in caves and cast spells. The male species wear tight pants and tight shirts that show their out of shape arms. 95% of the time you can only see one of their eyes because they have hair over one of them. These are referred to as "cyclops emos." All of them deny their emonallity. The female species are very bitchy and will snap if you call them emo. they generally all cut their wrist to "relieve their eternal pain and suffering." All emos say people don't understand them and say they have had a crisis happen to them such as molestation and or rape. Emos are usually born nerds who can't seem to mutualize with anybody as friends so they join the emo clan. Emoism usually begins for rejects at around age 13 and usually ends around age 17, but can last much longer.
<<<darkslayer93>>Hey Charlie wut u up 2?
<silentassassin666> Just workin on my spell casting dude wbu?
<<<darkslayer93>>nm im cutting my wrist rite now

<silentassassin666>sweet dude need help? wat 4?
<<<darkslayer93>>some jock today called me emo! can u believe it? if only the world understood my problems!!! but yea u shud come on over
<silentassassin666>aite man ill ttyl
<<<darkslayer93>>make sure u bring some condoms
<silentassassin666>i already got em dude
by carolinagcock007 July 06, 2009
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