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A term for well respected individuals who are considered to be very intelligent.
"Your one heck of a Bunty"
by Carol January 03, 2004
An entertaining game Jordan and Carol play on the internet on a saturday night.
Jordan- ...I am really bored!
by CAROL November 01, 2003
a fat pink dog
oh my, that pig is attacking my shoe!
by carol November 25, 2003
jenny was being stiped when she smacked her head in the door
by Carol July 10, 2003
My friend and I were at this all nighter thing where this place took us around and we did all sorts of cool stuff all night. We went to this one place and it was a big-ass farm, and we were playing like capture the bag or some gay shit like that. Weedy an I went into the woods and hid an shit, then we looked on the ground and there were little spots of greenish/yellowish light. I picked it up and it was sorta like a mini slug except it wasn't slimy. "Glow Worms!" She shouted. And I chucked it out into the woods and it was pretty sweet looking so we kept chuckin em all over the place. Cus there was an ass load of em and it was a hell of a time.
Glow Worms are kick ass fun when you throw them.
by Carol March 03, 2005
what yo daddy has after some fun wit yo mama
Daddy had some bad ass vagina breath
by carol April 14, 2004
Gangsta Biatch aka. Gummi B.
My name in tha empire...62342...it really means i don't care what peeps think of me, i live and ima die by me, if you look real close you'll see that you can only be you and i can be me, cuz cant nobody eva live muh life but me but you'll neva see what i see like me and that i'm gangsta wit it all...well in so many words thats me...or someone like me for say...
"Haha, thats GB"
Main Form - "Now that's gangsta!"
by Carol April 14, 2004

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