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1.A mythical beast that can only reproduce asexually. This beast is therefore its own mother.

2.It is also George Lopez, meaning that George Lopez is the mother of fiki.

3.Fiki is also a Rock.

4. Fiki is in fact Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

5.Fiki is also a computer.

6.Fiki is also worshiped by Joseph, or by "The Jo", but this is only because Fiki is "The Rock". look up Joseph for more information.
1. I saw the fiki last night, though I know its only a legend, I'm sure I saw it.

2. Fiki is doing a show in L.A. today.

3. Don't throw that fiki at me!

4. Fiki was a really good wrestler.

5. My fiki is just going to slow.

6. Don't bring up fiki. You know how Jospeph gets about fiki.
by carninuz1 July 10, 2008
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