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Getting too ambitious with a girl after getting to second base, getting subsequently denied when reaching out for third
I rounded second a bit too hard and got denied at third. Talk about reaching on a double!
by CarMono September 18, 2010
A verbal smackdown on a topic that Christopher Hitchens has written about, whether delivered by the famous journalist or not
I just laid a hitchslap on an idiot Reaganite who kept going on about Henry Kissinger's greatness. I didn't let that a-hole eulogize a war criminal.
by CarMono September 18, 2010
A shitty job at the Canadian Blackberry maker, Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIM)
RIM just cut 2,000 jobs; pretty soon there won't be any RIM jobs left.
by CarMono July 25, 2011
She who cannot be effed
Dude she's way out of your league, totally ineffable.
by CarMono August 07, 2011
A phrase stated before or after a creepy remark to clear the sayer of being a child molester or pedophile
I got into the teaching profession to touch the lives of children...no chomo
by CarMono November 18, 2010
Used as either an adjective or a noun, bogo is when two friends are a package deal. When one shows up, the other is sure to show up as well.
José: "Is Cindia going to be there?"
Kenny: "Briana is going to be there, and you know those two are bogo."
by CarMono July 16, 2011
Someone who butters up politicians with favors, cash, or both in return for political favors.
I wonder what Joe, the village prostituent, did for the mayor to make his liquor license request go through so quickly.
by CarMono July 25, 2011

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