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12 definitions by carmono

Getting too ambitious with a girl after getting to second base, getting subsequently denied when reaching out for third
I rounded second a bit too hard and got denied at third. Talk about reaching on a double!
by CarMono September 18, 2010
A verbal smackdown on a topic that Christopher Hitchens has written about, whether delivered by the famous journalist or not
I just laid a hitchslap on an idiot Reaganite who kept going on about Henry Kissinger's greatness. I didn't let that a-hole eulogize a war criminal.
by CarMono September 18, 2010
She who cannot be effed
Dude she's way out of your league, totally ineffable.
by CarMono August 07, 2011
A phrase stated before or after a creepy remark to clear the sayer of being a child molester or pedophile
I got into the teaching profession to touch the lives of children...no chomo
by CarMono November 18, 2010
Used as either an adjective or a noun, bogo is when two friends are a package deal. When one shows up, the other is sure to show up as well.
José: "Is Cindia going to be there?"
Kenny: "Briana is going to be there, and you know those two are bogo."
by CarMono July 16, 2011
A shitty job at the Canadian Blackberry maker, Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIM)
RIM just cut 2,000 jobs; pretty soon there won't be any RIM jobs left.
by CarMono July 25, 2011
Someone who puts people in Google+ circles with unflattering names
Chad, that circle jerk, put me in his "douche juice" circle
by CarMono July 06, 2011