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someone who tries really hard to be funny and popular, but in the end just makes real stupid jokes that noone laughs at. also a douchebag, and can take what he gives out. total attention whore

Person 1: hey, guys
Jacob: OOOhhhh! OOOOhh! lookit me! i said "hey guys"! oooh! im special and cool! oh, wow, im so popular
person 1: Cool it, dude
jacob: oh wow! you told me to "cool it"! oooh im so threatened! wow!
person 2: dude your being a douche
jacob: you know what, shutup, ok? your the real douche
person 2: whatever. your a dick head
antoine: ( arriving)hey guys
jacob: oh hi aintoine! i love you! mind if i follow you around at lunch a little bit?
by carmen winslot January 23, 2008

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