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A great band that may have sold out, but still rule.
Doesn't SELLOUT just mean that more people like them? Isn't that a good thing to have a big fan base? Who cares if a band is a sellout, if they still make good music, that's all that matters. Wow, people trying to make their point, I don't understand it. EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINION.
by Carla February 12, 2004
A person whos life consists of going to Bars or Clubs 24/7. And brag about it like it is the coolest thing out.
Amy and Karen are such bar rats!!!
by Carla March 09, 2005
a hip phrase used to describe things, people, or situations for many reasons. Example: Interesting, funny, sexy, stupid, crazy, etc.
'I just got arrested.'
"that's hot."
by Carla August 06, 2004
A humorous blokey northern English exclamation.
Spoken ironically when delivering an unwanted gift or gesture, such as when throwing a drinking partner's coat at his head when it's time to move pubs, or cutting up other vehicles in traffic.
Always intended to raise a laugh.
Originally heard outside Manchester in a UK TV beer ad, where a comedian called Peter Kay joins in a fancy-footwork soccer practice but kicks the ball very hard and scores, shouting 'Ave iiiiiiiiiit!!'
by Carla April 07, 2004
Can be a term of endearment or can also be an insult depending on who you say it to, very similar to the use of the word (nigga)...
to a friend.....What's up Pendejo, is similar to 'how are you doing'

to a stranger...What's up Pendejo, is similar to 'what's up you asshole'
by Carla December 25, 2003
The two hottest girls alive, both having that ~BoMb AsS PuSsY~ and being frequent bathroom fuckers...YOU KNOW YOU WANT SOME BOYS...
Man, where the fuck are Canzcar, them two girls have that BoMb AsS PuSsY!
by carla January 17, 2004
the illest type of weed ever.
damn cutts, i hella need to smoke me some droan n shit, ya feel?
by carla July 13, 2004

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