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8 definitions by carla

A great band that may have sold out, but still rule.
Doesn't SELLOUT just mean that more people like them? Isn't that a good thing to have a big fan base? Who cares if a band is a sellout, if they still make good music, that's all that matters. Wow, people trying to make their point, I don't understand it. EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINION.
by Carla February 12, 2004
85 57
A person whos life consists of going to Bars or Clubs 24/7. And brag about it like it is the coolest thing out.
Amy and Karen are such bar rats!!!
by Carla March 09, 2005
24 4
a hip phrase used to describe things, people, or situations for many reasons. Example: Interesting, funny, sexy, stupid, crazy, etc.
'I just got arrested.'
"that's hot."
by Carla August 06, 2004
14 6
A humorous blokey northern English exclamation.
Spoken ironically when delivering an unwanted gift or gesture, such as when throwing a drinking partner's coat at his head when it's time to move pubs, or cutting up other vehicles in traffic.
Always intended to raise a laugh.
Originally heard outside Manchester in a UK TV beer ad, where a comedian called Peter Kay joins in a fancy-footwork soccer practice but kicks the ball very hard and scores, shouting 'Ave iiiiiiiiiit!!'
by Carla April 07, 2004
11 4
The two hottest girls alive, both having that ~BoMb AsS PuSsY~ and being frequent bathroom fuckers...YOU KNOW YOU WANT SOME BOYS...
Man, where the fuck are Canzcar, them two girls have that BoMb AsS PuSsY!
by carla January 17, 2004
2 2
Can be a term of endearment or can also be an insult depending on who you say it to, very similar to the use of the word (nigga)...
to a friend.....What's up Pendejo, is similar to 'how are you doing'

to a stranger...What's up Pendejo, is similar to 'what's up you asshole'
by Carla December 25, 2003
52 52
the illest type of weed ever.
damn cutts, i hella need to smoke me some droan n shit, ya feel?
by carla July 13, 2004
12 15