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1 definition by carl w

1. words that inform someone that they are doing well, or have done something worthy of the physical meaning of the word
2. openly placing one's hand on another's buttocks to reward them for a good action. this may be done lightly, with just a pat or easy placement, with a firm grasp, with cuppage, or the popular, "good hustle with a squeeze" may be executed in extremely deserving situations. additional complexity may be added to this action by using both hands, one on each buttock, for a "double good hustle", or enlisting the help of many friends to unexpectedly launch a multi-faceted good hustle. this is best done when the receiver is unsuspecting, for an element of surprise when their rear-end is smacked.
A. good hustle on that math quiz, colin!
B. hey, awesome job, james! *firmly places hand on posterior, then draws away
Source: carly wright, special town
by carl w December 25, 2005