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To be really fucking baked to the point where your eyes are squinted and your face is in a permanent smile. Other characteristics include constant laughing, extreme munchies, and an inability to move.
Did you see Jonathan after he hit the GB? He went straight into full panda, it was fucking hilarious!
by cariboulou2013 December 07, 2009
the act of drinking to the point of getting fucked up but not vomiting.
Last night I meant to plateau but I ended up bell curving that shit.
by cariboulou2013 October 26, 2009
The period of perfect drunkenness. This is anywhere between total inebriation and the point of vomiting. If you go to sleep while in golden stage, you.will.have.a.hangover.
Dude that bitches golden stage is like one drink long. She was getting flirty then one cosmo later she was puking all over the dance floor.
by cariboulou2013 October 26, 2009
The act of drinking to the point of throwing up. It's fun for awhile but it ends very badly.
Dude did you see that bitch last night? She fucking bell curved after that 6th whiskey pull, it was fucking gross, she puked everywhere.
by cariboulou2013 October 26, 2009
to get so drunk that you are no longer a fully functioning human being.
Dude Todd is so fucking drunk. He has gone full retard.
by cariboulou2013 November 01, 2009
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