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a yellow plastic duck, usu. squeaks, that one can play with in the bathtub.
Usu. very cute and very yellow.
by Cari December 15, 2003
a sign of disregard to the actual events of a conversation.
someone ask you a question or makes a comment promting a responce, however you really dont care what they want. so you say "put it in your butt"
by cari June 14, 2004
a chinese bastard
look at there eyes
by cari September 25, 2003
1) when you take to much special K and feel like you're sinking

2) a really bad situation you can't get out of.
1) ahh larry took to much special K and he's passed out and drooling

2) fuck I hate this town, it's like we're stuck in the k hole
by cari May 17, 2003

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