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a very beautiful girl. she is exteremely funny and has tonnes of friends that will pound your face in if you hurt her. although she is a short brunette she is very strong. everyone wants her
person 1: hey look at that girl over there, shes a total Camille

person 2: I want her already
person 1: hey look at that hot chick, she must be a camille I think Im gonna ask her out

person 2: alright, but shes my best friend. if you hurt her Ill pound your face in
by carebearninjas April 15, 2010
a gorgeous gal with flaming red hair. she has incredible eyes. everybody loves her, and the people who dont know her envy her. her friends would do anything for her but she usually handles things herself. she does things she normally wouldnt do to impress people or so people wont think of her as a child. non the less, she is always chosen first out of all her friends and is an amazing person to hang out with.
friend 1: wow Kayla is hanging out with those sketchy people and doing bad things.

friend 2: dont worry Ill keep an eye on her. she'll do anything to feel accepted
by carebearninjas April 18, 2010

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