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prockish invited to super bowl party at hubeles
some fuck up showed up at this guys house with a fucking nasty ass shit chips and watched the damn fucking good super bowl at the house
i know and care, pitsbpah
by carebear April 12, 2005
1) A term used in place of a sigh.

2) Used instead of the term "meh".
"Wanna go see that movie? It looks kinda crappy but at least it'll pass some time."
by Carebear January 08, 2005
Girl I'd Like To Eat Out. This is for some nasty ass chick who's pussy would be green and runny who if you did, it would be the sickest thing you've ever seen or eaten.
Look at that fat ass chick, shes a GILTEO.
by carebear April 12, 2005
a guy who always plays Counter Strike Source and listens to linking park...
He look there is a Seppe!
by carebear April 24, 2005
bomb is said when you think someone or something could blow up. a fucking piece of shit house or a faggot of a guy is a bomb. also a car that isn't one color or is just plain a piece of shit
That guy won't quit fucking talking to me,he's a bomb if i've ever seen one
by carebear April 12, 2005
Tough Actin Tinactin for someone is isnt very tough or just plain and simple a pussy.
Also for some guy who gets a fucking piece of shit Tattoo so just look at him and say Tat.
That guy just about got run over by the fucking small linebacker but he moved, hes Tat.

Oh Look hes got a fucking good Tat on his chest.
by carebear April 12, 2005
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