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home of Bob Seger and Grand Funk Railroad
"I think I'm goin' to Katmandu!"

"I'm getting closer to my home..."
by cardenio February 04, 2005
Quite possibly the greatest card game ever.
Hey, we need a fourth for euchre!
by cardenio February 04, 2005
Cwrw is Welsh for beer or ale. Even if a welshman is not a fluent welsh speaker, it is very likely he will know the meaning of this word.
Cwrw Gorau Cymru - The good beer of wales
by Cardenio March 30, 2004
live journal (lj) – n. Free online blogging service.
analogy Live journals are like ropes. They help you climb the social ladder. However, the rope (lj) only works if you reach out (type in your password) and grab it (pick a cool color scheme, generally an unreadable one) and pull yourself up (write daily updates as to how your life is going and how stupid everything else is, then open the forum for comments). It also helps to post some hawt pictures of yourself, especially when posed with two or three members of the opposite sex.
by cardenio April 06, 2005
Very stupid and very left-wing.
Michael Moore is a mooren.
by cardenio April 06, 2005
someone from the lower peninsula of michigan and likes to complain about the excess of snow they think they got
"we got an inch of snow and they closed school"
by cardenio February 04, 2005
ish – interj. or suffix 1. Sort of. 2. Kind of. 3. A little bit. 4. Not quite. 5. Alright. 6. Okay. 7. Decent. 8. Iffy. 9. Somewhat. 10. Not entirely. 11. Yes, except not.
I guess it's ishy...?
by cardenio April 06, 2005
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